Week Beginning: Monday 17th January 2022

Please only complete the home learning if you are isolating and feeling well. Children should not complete any work if they are feeling unwell. Alongside the home learning below, please continue to read, play on Numbots and play games on BusyThings. 



We will continue our topic of Animals including Humans.


Lesson 1 - Pick two animals, draw them. Then write one thing that is the same about them and one thing that is different about them. 

On the human body outline, label as many different parts of the body as you can.

Lesson 4 - Watch this video: What are the senses? - BBC Bitesize 



Think of a goal that you can achieve by the end of Year 1. It can be something linked to school or at home. Think about the steps you need to take to achieve your goal. 



Click the link for this lesson all-6204687 ( 

We are looking forward to celebrating Book Week and Science Week in School during March!