At Archdeacon Cambridge’s School we aim to deliver a history education that stimulates pupils’ curiosity about the past; enabling them to develop an understanding of Britain’s past and that of the wider world. Alongside this we also develop the children’s proficiency in key historical skills that involve questioning, thinking critically, weighing evidence, understanding arguments and developing perspective and judgement.


These skills are explored through engaging topics in a variety of areas across the school, for example pupils in Early Years look at their own memories as well as memories beyond their own lives. As they move into Key Stage 1 the children will take part in investigations into London Landmarks, key historical figures and events such as The Great Fire of London, amongst others. In Key Stage Two pupils take part in a study of Hampton Court Palace, look at the Romanisation of Britain and also study Ancient Greece, in order to develop their understanding of change and how our past is constructed.


Topics are introduced and taught to the children through a variety of standalone and cross-curricular activities and sessions in school for instance through immersive days, stories, art, drama and research. These are run by both staff at Archdeacon Cambridge’s School and outside companies as we provide pupils with sessions presented by Freshwater Theatre Company in order to inspire and further their historical knowledge and skills. In addition to this the children are also provided with opportunities to travel and take part in trips to museums, buildings of historical significance and interest and handle primary artefacts and sources.

The following documents provide further detail about curriculum content and sequencing throughout the school.

Year 1

Year 2

Year 4 visit to Hampton Court Palace