Rewards and Celebrations

MonthBlue Ticket Draw WinnersGolden Ticket Draw Winners
September 2020Molly in 1B and Macey in 1MCiara in 2N and Samuel in 2N
October 2020Jamie in 1B and Olivia in 5MDanny in 3BP and Georgia in 6T
November 2020Sophie in 4C and Alayna in 4CEsme in 1B and Arran in 4DJ
December 2020Xander in 1M and Rory in 2PROllie in 1B and Emily in 3BP
January 2021Harriet in 1M; Orange Home Learning Tickets: Elvin in 3B, James in 4DJ and Olivia in 5M
February 2021Rosie in 1B; Orange Home Learning Tickets: Thomas in 2N, Josie in 3B and Justin in 5G
March 2021Clay in 2N and Margot in 3BOlivia in 5M and Sebastian in 4C
April 2021Osian in 2PR and Louis in 1MAlessandro in 5M and Constance in 4DJ
May 2021  
June 2021  
July 2021  



We currently have a small number of Nursery places available for September 2021. Please contact for further information.