Rewards and Celebrations

Our aim is for all children to be intrinsically motivated. We want all children to enjoy learning for the sake of learning.

We know that the best learners are people who:

  • find relationships  

       This means finding connections or links in their learning and in the world around them. 

  • show resilience

       They don't give up when the solution does not come easily

  • are resourceful

        They are creative in finding solutions to problems. They find information to support them in their learning          and try different methods

  • are reflective

        They think about their learning, the connections they have made, the solutions they have tried. They                  identify what they have done well and what could be better next time


It is nice to feel that your hard work is being recognised, so all staff spot children showing good behaviour or good learning behaviours and give them Blue and Golden Tickets in recognition of their achievements. 

From Year 1 to Year 6, when children are awarded a Blue or Golden Ticket, they deliver these to the designated boxes in the school entrance hall. At the end of the month, we complete a Blue and Golden Ticket draw in Collective Worship. The winners receive note from Ms van den Broek and a book token.


MonthBlue Ticket Draw WinnersGolden Ticket Draw Winners
May 2022Ava, 1B; Stella 5RJuliette, 1B; Tiwa, 6D
June 2022Ruth, 2PR; Ivor, 6DPenelope, 4H; Olive, 4H
July 2022Ambrose, 1B; Harry K, 5JIzzy, 4H; Juliette, 6D
September 2022Minnie, 1S; Harlen, 1BFlynn, 1B; India, 2PR
October 2022Frankie, 6H; Lara, 6HThomas, 6D; Noah, 6D
November 2022Teddy, 6H; Elliot, 6DOrla, 4T; Noah, 2M
December 2022Beau, 1S; Max, 6DHolly, 1B; Audrey, 5T
January 2023Evie, 1B; Thomas M, 6HArya, 2PR; Ed J, 4T
February 2023Niamh, 3D; India, 2PJMatilda, 5R; Lyla, 1
March 2023Minnie, 1S; Emily, 5RPDaniel, 3D; Haydn, 6H
May 2023Haydn, 6H; Emily, 1SCooper, 6D; Sidra 2PJ
June 2023Shaleen, 5RP; Olivia 5RPDaniel, 1B; Ruby, 6H
July 2023Tabitha, 5R; Lucas, 5RPAnna, 2M; Daniel, 3D
September 2023Rory, 1S; Matthew, 6HImmy, 6; Jacob, 6H
October 2023Seb, 5J; Joseph, 5BMylee, 6H; Harry, 3D
November 2023Charlotte, 3CK; Jack, 1BSShaleen, 6D; Molly, 4T