Rewards and Celebrations

MonthBlue Ticket Draw WinnersGolden Ticket Draw Winners
September 2021Harley in 2PR; Edie in 1BLucinda in 2PR; Sophie in 3K
October 2021Daniel in 1N; Edie in 1BMacey in 2M; Charlie in 2M
November 2021Penny in 6D; Annabelle H in 1NTyrone in 4H; Oliver in 5M
December 2021Emily in 6B; Adele in 1NHugo in 5M; Charlie in 2M
January 2022Ruby, 1B; Ailsa, 6BKaris, 6D; Riley 6D
February 2022Eve, 1B; Lucas 4HRuth, 2PR; Albert 4H
March 2022  
April 2022  
May 2022  
June 2022  
July 2022  



For details of School Tours in October for Reception and Nursery 2023 entry, please call the school on 020 8894 4777.