Your child should complete these lessons below, if they are isolating but are not feeling ill. 


As well as the lessons, children should continue to: 


  • Read for 20 minutes a day. 
  • If your child has access to the Nessy spelling scheme, they should complete this 3 times a week. 
  • Daily revision of Y3 and 4 words (see spelling folder or home-school book.)
  • TT Rockstars 3 times a week



Lesson 1: Complete the Onomatopoeia lesson and at least one activity.


Lesson 2 and 3: Complete the poetry lesson and at least two activities.


Lesson 4- SPAG

Complete the lesson and activities at the bottom of the web page




Worksheets at the bottom of this page. 


Science - States of Matter Freezing


Suggested activities: 

1) Time how long different sized ice cubes take to melt. Which were the quickest? Why do you think that was? 

2) Do different liquids freeze differently? Put different liquids in containers and in the freezer, observe how the freeze and the changes in their state. 

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