Week Beginning: Monday 19th October 2020

Please complete the following activities if you are at home and unable to come to school this week. 


In English we will be picking our favourite Katie Morag story and writing a book review and explaining why we like the story. You can watch the episodes before writing your review by clicking on the links below. 



In Maths we will be recapping on what we have learnt so far in Year 2. We will be looking at place value using 'tens and ones' language. We will also be solving addition and subtraction word problems. Children can pick how to solve the answers by drawing dienes, using a number line or using the column method. Please answer the following questions. 

If you bake 29 cookies and then bake another 34, how many cookies would you have altogether?  You have 57 slices of pizza and 15 slices are eaten. How many are left?     
You have 28 marbles and win 27 more, how many marbles would you have altogether? There are 85 ladybirds in the garden and 21 fly away. How many ladybirds are left?                
If you have 55 rubber ducks and are given another 17, how many rubber ducks would you have altogether? You have 38 sweets but eat 19. How many sweets do you have left?


In RE we will will continue learning about Hanukkah. We will also be comparing Hanukkah to Christmas. Please watch the video below and record the similarities and differences between the two festivals.