Week Beginning: Monday 12th October 2020

Please complete the following activities if you are at home and unable to come to school this week. 


In English we will be making story books telling the story of Lila and the Secret of Rain. Please make one at home with text and illustrations. 


In Maths we will continue to look at addition and subtraction. Please practice adding and taking away using the column method, drawing dienes or on a number line. In class we have worked with 1-digit and 2-digit numbers. 


In RE we will will be learning and recording facts about Hanukkah.Please watch the following videos for more information and write down some facts you have learnt. 


In Art we will be creating collage pictures of Kenya using illustrations from Lila and the Secret of Rain. Please select a picture of Kenya and create a collage. 

Tours of the school for Reception and Nursery admission in 2024 are available in January 2024. Please call the School Office (020 8894 4777) for date information and to book a place.