Friday 6th May 2022

Year 1 Information Letter

6th May 2022


Dear Parents and Carers


The children enjoyed being ‘Little Darwins” identifying wild plants in the Wildlife on Thursday. In PE they have been learning about how to attack and defend in team games. We have noticed that the children are all starting to look Year 2 ready and have been very pleased with the writing they have produced during The Secret Sky Garden English lessons.



Our focus when reading with children this week will include looking out for split digraphs in words: a-e as in brake, e-e as in even, i-e as in strike, o-e as in close and u-e as in flute. We have asked the children when reading with you at home to pint these sounds out.


Topic / Art

The children will be creating a whole class collaborative print using vegetables next week. They will also be food critics, tasting a variety of vegetables and writing about them. The children will continue to observe the Sunflowers, Cress, Beetroot and wild flowers they have planted, writing in their plant diaries with any changes they have noticed.



The focus this week will be fractions. The children will be starting with finding half of an amount and making half of shape. There is a Busy Things Halves and Quarters Quiz

In the Fractions section of Mathematics which your child could play at home to consolidate their understanding. Busy Things



For homework this week we would like the children to play a phonics game. The sheet is in their homework folders.



Due to staff shortages today (6th May) the children were unable to swim. Sorry for the short notice. We will continue to swim as usual next Friday.


Thank you for your continued support


Mr Bowie

Mrs Nichols

Mrs Hitchcock


We are looking forward to celebrating Book Week and Science Week in School during March!