Friday 30th April 2021

Weekly Parent Letter – Year 2

Friday 30th April 2021

Dear Parents,

Thank you for attending Parent Consultations this week. It was lovely seeing you all and updating you on your child’s progress. We’ve had a great week this week. We’ve been programming using directional language on the computer and using Blu-bots. We’ve been learning about habitats and thinking of why animals live in certain habitats.



Please complete another activity from the Year 2 homework grid. No evidence is needed for the maths activity. Please could you date the activity on the grid when they are completed.


In class this week we have been using jit5 to programme and use directional language. If you would like to do this over the weekend please see the sheet below ‘Programming on jit5’. This is not set homework but an optional activity as the children enjoyed this in class. 



  • The Times Tables Battle ends at 6pm on Sunday (2nd May). Play as many times as you would like to if you want to take part.
  • School is closed on Monday 3rd May. Please enjoy the long weekend.
  • Year 2 will start swimming the week beginning 24th May. We will give more information on this in the coming weeks.


Many thanks,

Miss Nichols, Mrs Patterson and Mrs Renahan