At Archdeacon Cambridge’s CE Primary School, we use the National Curriculum as the starting point for all of our teaching in Geography. The Geography curriculum and skills progression for each year group was developed by the school teaching staff, allowing us to create links between subjects and inspiring our children to learn. 


Our aim is to create geographers who show a curiosity and fascination about the local community, The UK and the wider world that will remain with them for the rest of their lives. We aim to produce independent and evaluative thinkers who show empathy for how others live, recognising their concept of place, the interconnectedness of the world and their responsibilities for our changing world.


Our children develop their scope and depth of geographical knowledge through a range of learning experiences, including visits that make the most of our proximity to London and in-school workshops from visiting drama companies or public speakers. We regularly use outdoor learning experiences to create realistic opportunities for the application of geographical skills and discovery fieldwork exercises. Children are given opportunities to use and develop this fieldwork knowledge in a range of areas across the curriculum. 

Please see the curriculum overviews in the Year Group Pages section of the website to learn more about how Geography fits into the cross curricular learning at our school.

The following documents provide further detail about curriculum content and sequencing throughout the school.

Mapwork Throughout the School