Choir Rehearsal Pieces

Singing Festival 2022

Windmills lower voice.mp3

Windmills upper voice.mp3

Dynamite KS2 Melody.mp3

Together Again KS2 Melody.mp3

Waving Through A Window KS2 Harmony.mp3

Lifted KS2 Harmony.mp3

Year 5 and 6 Choir: Christmas

Carol of the Children: Lower Voice

Carol of the Children: Upper Voice

Gabriel Part 1

Gabriel Part 2

Gabriel Part 3

Gabriel Part 4

Starlight: Lower Voice

Starlight: Upper Voice

Year 5 and 6 Choir Mayor's Civic Service

Main Choir: Look at the World, Rutter

Year 6 Harmony, Chorus

Year 6 Harmony, Final Chorus

Whole School Song Summer 2021

Why We Sing Descant

New for September 2022 - 'School Day' Nursery places - places still available. See 'Joining in Nursery' on the website for further information. Please call the School Office (020 8894 4777) for tours of our Nursery on Tuesday or Thursday mornings.