The School Day

The school day runs from 8.45am-3.15pm for all year groups from Reception to Year 6.  This equates to 33.75 hours a week. The school gates are opened at 8:40am by a member of staff, who is available to pass on messages to the class teachers. Nursery timings are set out below.



Morning Nursery is 8.30am-11.30am and afternoon nursery is 12.30pm-3.30pm.



Children joining our Reception Classes will attend full time in the Autumn Term.  However, for the first half term parents may choose to take their child home at the end of the morning session, at 12 noon. In order to offer flexibility, parents may begin the term collecting their child at 1.00pm and with one week’s written notice change arrangements with their child staying for the full school day. After half term it will be expected that all children remain for the whole school day.


Key Stage 1

The Key Stage 1 day follows the following timetable:


8.45am              Registration
9.00am              Lesson
10.25am            Break
10.45am            Lesson
12.15pm            Lunch Break
1.15pm              Lesson
3.15pm              End of the School Day


At 3.15pm the Key Stage 1 teachers take their classes to the door to meet their parents. It is important that teachers can see parents to ensure the children are met by the appropriate adult. Please stand back from the doors to aid teachers’ line of sight and enable the children to get through.


Key Stage 2

The Key Stage 2 day follows the following timetable:


8.45am              Registration
9.00am              Lesson
10.25am            Break
10.45am            Lesson
12.45pm            Lunch Break
1.45pm              Lesson
3.15pm              End of the School Day


The Junior teachers lead their classes out into the playground to be met at the end of the day. Please wait away from the pathways; for example under the pergola or near the swimming pool. We ask parents not to go into school to meet their children as the exits can become very crowded.


We believe that behaviour is a choice and our pupils are expected to think about the behaviour choices they make. All children at our school know we keep the Golden Rules and that to do so is rewarded by verbal praise, a Golden Ticket or where appropriate written praise. Staff take every opportunity to praise children for their good behaviour and in so doing encourage and reinforce that behaviour. Children who break the Golden Rules are given a warning, a chance to change their behaviour and an opportunity to show they are a responsible member of our school community. If children continue to break the Golden Rules then sanctions are applied.


Actions which constitute bullying are clearly defined in our Behaviour and Anti-Bullying Policy and are never tolerated at our school. We set very high standards for children’s conduct at all times and in all parts of the school. Acts of Collective Worship include Bible stories which illustrate and reinforce the difference between right and wrong, children are frequently asked to think about and discuss the stories and encouraged to identify what is right or when someone has made a wrong choice. RE lessons also offer an opportunity for children to think about how each individual’s actions impact on others. Many of the texts the children read as a class also offer opportunities to consider the moral dilemmas characters face. Our Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Curriculum supports children’s growing understanding of their rights and responsibilities.


Children are taught to tell an adult if another child has been unkind or broken the Golden Rules in some other way. Whichever adult the pupil speaks to will deal with the situation or refer it to the child’s class teacher. Should a problem occur between two children at school which parents are concerned about, we ask that they refer this problem to their child’s Class Teacher. We strongly advise parents not to approach other children or their parents as this usually leads to the problem escalating. More serious difficulties should be reported to the Headteacher or, in her absence, the Deputy Headteacher. All difficulties reported to the Headteacher will be fully investigated and parents informed of the outcome of that investigation.


Please follow this link to our Policies page to read our Discipline, Behaviour and Anti-Bullying Policy. 

We are looking forward to celebrating Book Week and Science Week in School during March!