Year 5

Dear Year 5


We were delighted to welcome the children back to school today! This afternoon, they received their annual school report which they were asked to open and read with their parents. For any children not in school, your child's report will be posted to you today.


Below are some resources for children to get on with this week if they are unable to attend school:



1) Complete 1 page per week of Schofield & Sims workbook.


2) Complete daily White Rose activities. Use the Maths timetable and links PDF to find the video and corresponding worksheet for each day below. 




Finish off or improve your entry for the Spirited Arts competition, as detailed in last week's planning.




1) Practice all spelling patterns and lists from this half term including the 5F list. 


2) Continue to read the class text that was sent home,  'Wolf Brother.' Read up to page 81 this week (the end of Chapter eleven'), and remember to look up any vocabulary with which you are unfamiliar. Record your thoughts about the story so far in your Home-School book.


3) After reading this section of the book, your task is to draft a newspaper report about Torak's escape from Raven Camp. Below are four tasks to help you achieve this. You could complete one of these tasks per day, however if you would like to do more than one that is fine!


Task 1) Use the PDF resource from the English star tab below,  'Writing a newspaper report,' to remind yourself of how to write a great newspaper report. Next use the following link: and complete the various activities to ensure your understand the features of a newspaper report.


Task 2) Use the writing frame resource from the English link below, think about how you will structure your report. Plan out the details on the writing frame.


Task 3) What is the what, when,who, where and how of this event? What would you include in your opening paragraph? Draft your opening paragraphs.


Task 4) Using your writing frame plan, write the remainder of your report. Remember to include at least one example of direct speech (using inverted commas) and at least one example of reported speech.


Good luck with all of your home learning this week. Please upload your completed work to J2E.

We hope to see you back in school soon!


Best wishes,

The Year 5 team.

Sue's Stage _ Thank you Montage

Macbeth by Year 5 and Sue's Stage, Autumn 2019

Our trip to the British Museum, Ancient Egypt, Spring 2019

Ancient Egyptian Day, Spring 2019

World Book Day, Spring 2019

Our trip to Sayers Croft, Spring 2019

Mummifying tomatoes, Ancient Egypt, Spring 2019

Marble Maze investigation, Forces, Spring 2019

Friction investigation, Forces, Spring 2019

Our trip to the Science Museum, Earth and Space, Autumn 2018

Making Orreries, Earth and Space, Autumn 2018

Building Stone Age Homes, Stone Age to Iron Age, Autumn 2018

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