Contacting School

At Archdeacon, we value our ‘open door policy’ as it allows us to form close bonds with children’s families. Parents should feel that, if they have a concern at any time, they are welcome to talk to a member of staff. This is initially the child’s class teacher, but other members of staff may be invited to the conversation as the need arises. Please note that the beginning of the school day is always very busy, so meetings will be arranged for well before the start of the school day or after the school day.


We appreciate that many of our parents work and that personal contact can be a challenge to arrange. If you have a concern about your child and are unable to come into school, please write a note in your child’s reading diary or pop a note into their book bags. Alternatively, an email can be sent to your child's year group email address (e.g. for the attention of your child’s teacher. These email accounts are checked a few times a week and teachers will respond either by email or by telephone as soon as possible. 


Please also see the following chart for more information, which we hope covers most eventualities.

We thank you for your continued support.