Week 1- 20.04.20

Update to Maths section and within timetable- Tuesday 21st April

Updated Friday 17th April


Dear Year 3 children, parents and carers,


Welcome to the Summer Term!

We hope you have all had a restful Easter Break and are ready for some more Archdeacon Home Learning.

This term we will be uploading home learning tasks each Friday. Instead of the Activity log, where you can pick and choose any tasks to complete in any order, there will be a structure of sequential activities that will need to be completed in the set order, as each will build on the learning from the previous task.

We are aware that every family will need to adjust the timetable to suit their own home learning environment. Therefore we would like all children to do 3 formal Maths lessons and 3 formal English and one Grammar lesson a week. We will also be setting a lesson each week for each foundation subject.  On top of this please continue to read with your child,  work on Schoffield and Sims, practise times tables and spellings.

For this week we have suggested that Monday is a catch up day to complete more from the home learning packs sent home before the holidays- including the Maths and English logs. Please don’t worry if you haven’t finished all the activities. The lessons for next week will be on the home learning page.

The timetable sets out what we will be covering this week.

For English, our new core text is ‘The Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes. The lessons will include the text on the powerpoint and we will also give you links to you tube videos for each chapter. You can also download a free audio book version. If you would like to buy a copy it is available on Scolastic, Amazon or other good retailers. We will be uploading spellings every week.

Please do check the home learning page as we will be updating this on a regular basis.

If you do have any specific questions regarding home learning please do email us.

We are missing you all and really look forward to seeing your work updated on J2E.


This week, please upload (by completing directly onto j2e or working offline and taking a picture) the following 3 pieces of work:

English- lesson 2- character description.

Maths- lesson 2, p.125 from the Practice book- Making the whole.

Geography- Map of Europe.


Best wishes,

Mr Kent and Mrs Tranter 


This year, in Year 3, we have been using 'Power Maths' to support and engage the children with their maths. We are extremely pleased to say that this is now available to support home learning.

There is a 'how to' video for parents (only 7 minutes long)- please watch this before starting any of the Power Maths lessons. It shows how to access the Textbook and the practice book. In brief, the structure is as follows:


This is the main 'teaching' section and will require parental support to discover the different ways a problem can be solved.


This shows a variety of possible solutions to the discover section.

Think Together

Children may need some support in this section, but if time has been spent in the 'Discover' section they may well work through this independently.


This is the main independent section and contains questions related to the first 3 sections. Please encourage children to use the methods covered in the 'Share' section to answer these questions.


This will be a new approach for many parents and carers, but the children are all very comfortable and confident with the structure.


Please begin on Textbook 3B-fractions (p162) and Unit 9: Fractions (1) (available by clicking on the 'resources tab at the top of the screen)

Lesson 1: Textbook 3B p.162-165 and Practice book Unit 9: Fractions (1) p.122-124

Lesson 2: Textbook 3B p.166-169 and Practice book Unit 9: Fractions (1) p.125-127

Lesson 3: Textbook 3B p.170-174 and Practice book Unit 9: Fractions (1) p.128-130


Please upload Practice book Unit 9: Fractions (1) p.125 when completed.


Any previous pages in the Textbook could be used as revision or extra work if children finish the 'lesson' quicker than expected, or if you are aware of a particular area within their own maths learning where some additional support would be useful (NB Practice book questions are only available for the sections we set as home learning tasks).

Our next Nursery Tour will take place on Tuesday 27th February at 9am. Please call or email the School Office to book a place (020 9904 4777 or