w/c 1st Feb

UPDATE- 9am Monday 1st FEB. Miss Lambe has recorded an assembly for you to watch. Please click on this link:



Dear Year 5 children and parents, 

It was lovely to hear all about how you enjoyed the snow day we had last Sunday in our registration sessions and group meetings this week. We hope you have another fun-filled weekend and a well deserved break after completing some excellent home learning this week.

We look forward to reading through everyone's formal letters and instructions to mummifying tomatoes over the coming days- we hope you enjoyed the tasks!

Getting support online

We would like to remind all children and parents that a Year 5 class teacher is available to help with any questions or problems through the messaging service on Teams. Children can add a question to the their class's main conversation or if they prefer, send a message directly to their teacher using the 'chat' tab on the left hand side of Teams. Children, we know some of the tasks are challenging and we do not expect you to find everything straight forward! However, it is important that you develop your independence by trying your best and by asking questions when you need help.

If you do need teacher support with a question or are unsure of a task, please move on to the next task if you don’t get an immediate response, as we will get back to you as soon as we are available.

As a footnote to this, please remember to watch the various videos (e.g. Maths ) and read through provided powerpoints and PDFs before beginning a task. You are much more likely to understand what to do, enjoy the task and produce accurate work if you do so!

Storytelling week!

This week is Storytelling week and for this Monday's English lesson we would like you to select a story or piece of reading to share with your group during this week's group chats. Please see Monday's English lesson for full details and ideas. For those of you with a group meeting on Monday- do not worry- your group reading will be next week (8th Feb.)

This week's meetings are at the same times as last week, full details below:


Monday 1st Feb:

5M Andromeda 10.00 

5G Superstars 11.00 

Tuesday 2nd Feb:

5M Orion 10.00 

5G Genius Gems 14.00 

Wednesday 3rd Feb:

5M Pegasus 10.00 

5G Clever Cookies 11.00 

Thursday 4th Feb:

5G Masterminds 10.00

Friday 5th Feb:

5M Cygnus 10.00 


Children's Mental Health Week

As well as Storytelling week, this is also Children's Mental Health Week. It is important to look after yourself and your feelings, particularly during this time away from school and friends. With this in mind, our PSHE lesson this week focuses on positive thinking and remembering to reflect on our achievements.

J2stars and Orange tickets

Well done to all the children who have already received J2 stars or an Orange Ticket for superb learning from home. Children will continue to collect orange tickets for completing goodwork at home.  As per the blue and yellow tickets, these will be collected together in school and drawn once a month. Winners of the monthly draw will be mentioned in the Newsletter and receive a voucher.

We hope that you all have a good week, any questions please contact us via the Y5 group email:


Best wishes,

The Y5 Team