Week Beginning: Monday 24th January 2022

Please only complete the home learning if you are isolating and feeling well. Children should not complete any work if they are feeling unwell. Alongside the home learning below, please continue to read, play on Numbots and play games on BusyThings.


We will be starting our Traditional Tales topic this week.


We will be completing an assessment in Maths to see if the children are able to apply the skills they have learnt. If you are completing this at home, please allow your child to use equipment like counters or drawings to help them.


We will continue with our topic of Dreams & Goals. Set yourself a goal to make something using one piece of paper and a pair of scissors. First think of what you could make. Then think of the steps you need to take to be able to achieve your goal.

Tours of the school for Reception and Nursery admission in 2024 are available in January 2024. Please call the School Office (020 8894 4777) for date information and to book a place.