Week Beginning: Monday 10th January 2022




This week we will begin our topic on animals. We will be looking at a different animal group each day. Please watch the videos and discuss each group of animals. On the sheet below draw and label 2 animals for each animal group. 

Day 1- Fish: What are fish? - BBC Bitesize 

Day 2 - Amphibians: What are amphibians? - BBC Bitesize 

Day 3 - Reptiles: What are reptiles? - BBC Bitesize 

Day 4 - Birds: What are birds? - BBC Bitesize 

Day 5 - Mammals: What are mammals? - BBC Bitesize 



We have been looking at setting goals. This week we would like you to set the goal of making a model, this could be done using junk modelling or construction. First, think of what you would like to make. Then think of the steps you need to take to achieve the goal of making your model. Finally, make your model. 


New for September 2022 - 'School Day' Nursery places - places still available. See 'Joining in Nursery' on the website for further information. Please call the School Office (020 8894 4777) for tours of our Nursery on Tuesday or Thursday mornings.