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Newsletter Autumn 1. Week 8.   19/10/20  Nursery

Newsletter Autumn 1. Week 8. 19/10/20 Nursery

Dear Parents and Carers,
Outlined below are some ideas to take into consideration while playing with your children. Playing with your children being the keywords. Having your attention and sharing their play is the vital ingredient. Remember, presenting learning opportunities in a relaxed, child-initiated, fun way will be far more engaging and rewarding for all involved.

Physical Development – Strengthening children’s fine motor skills through play and incorporating these activities into their everyday routines.
For example Bath time fun. Empty shampoo bottles and fairy liquid containers filling and squirting bottles in the bath, squeezing and filling large sponges, using shaving foam or crazy soap on bath tiles for shoulder, arm, wrist and finger strengthening.
Support children when using scissors, they will need guidance on how to hold and use scissors safely and effectively. Keeping their thumb on top, turning the paper rather than moving their arm. Providing your child with appropriate child-sized scissors that actually cut is crucial.
Think about cutting play dough, old cereal boxes, and thin sticks.
At present, we are unable to offer water play and playdough. These activities are brilliant for strengthening the fingers.

Personal Care- Children need to be confident in toileting themselves independently. This includes accessing their clothes before and after using the toilet. If your child is still using a potty at home please use this time at home to practise these skills. Your child needs to understand how to position themselves on the toilet to avoid wetting their clothes and much encouragement and support for their efforts. 

Correct handwashing and drying of hands, wiping their own nose and disposing of a tissue correctly.
Independence in putting on their coat, turning coat sleeves inside out and using a zip.

Communication and Language- Last week on Tapestry we asked the children to bring to class three different leaves. The activity involved talking and sharing about the leaves: where they were found, the colour, shape, size, name of the tree the leaf was from, autumn season changes.
Autumn discoveries can be shared on Tapestry. For example, draw pictures, collect a range of leaves for activities like ordering size, sorting colours, collage picture, leaf rubbings, cutting leaves.
Provide an empty box or basket your child can add to over the coming weeks, for example, conkers, leaves, nuts, write messages or labels, build a fairy or bug house, … share a picture on Tapestry.

In class, we have been practising by listening carefully to different sounds and talking about them. Continue this at home and at different times of the day.
Please encourage the children to wait when others are speaking and when they do speak give them the audience they require. At Nursery, we refer to this as using our listening skills.

Thank you again for all of your support in helping to continue your child’s learning. Please do get in touch if you have any questions through Tapestry.
Keep safe, happy and well.

The Nursery Team.


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