Thursday 19th November 2020

Parent weekly letter – Year 2

Friday 20th November 2020

Dear Parents,

Thank you for your continued support.



Topic: We have continued learning about different landmarks from around The U.K. Please help your child to make a landmark using recycled materials. We have discussed different kinds of materials with the children in their Science lessons. The children should be very much involved with the making as they will be required to write about this at a later date.

The children will have 2 weeks to complete this homework. Landmark models need to be in school by Monday 30th November at the latest. If models are completed before this date they may be sent into school.


Maths: This week we have been beginning to work on multiplication. We have made links to repeated addition and use the language of: ‘lots of’ instead of times or multiplied by. Please support your child to complete the attached sheet.


Spelling: Please complete the attached spelling sheet using the: Look, Say, Write, and Check method. The children will be tested on these words next Wednesday. Please keep the spelling sheets at home to continue learning the spellings. These are also used to reinforce correct letter formation.


Notices: Reminder: Tomorrow: Friday 20th November is an Inset Day and the school is closed to the children.


Many thanks,

Miss Nichols, Mrs Patterson and Mrs Renahan