W/b 2nd November - Week 1

Dear parents and carers,


Welcome to Autumn 2! It was so lovely to “meet” you all before half term at our parents evening appointments. We hope you all enjoyed the half term break.


In History the children will continue to learn about the Celts and will spend time during their English lessons writing a diary entry in role. In Maths we are beginning our unit of work on multiplication and division by starting with the 3 times tables. This week we will be completing our Science topic on Rocks and Soils by creating different types of rock with food! In RE this week the children will compare and contrast all the stories taught last half term from the Old Testament. They will answer the question ‘What do these stories tell us about the faith in God of the people involved, and of our own faith today?’


We would like the children to complete the following homework this week (due in Monday 9th November):


  • Reading every evening and recording this in their Home School Diary.  This can be recorded by you or your child.

  • This week we would like the children to learn word list 3B. These are 9 of the statutory words for the children to learn in Year 3 and they will have the whole half term to learn these. The children will be tested on these twice – once on the 9th November and once again in the last week of half term before the holidays.

  • Make an A4 poster on Boudicca. Hand this in on Monday 9th November.

On your poster you will need to include:

- Pictures/drawings to show what she looked like.

- Who is she?

What did she do?

- Why was she important?

- Was she liked/disliked?

- Did she have any family?

You might like to look in books or at the following links to help you find information to include on your poster:


Thank you for your continued support,


Miss Bayman, Miss Paish and Mr Kent



Support at home


Maths – watch the Oak National Academy video on the 3 times tables and then watch the BBC Bitesize video for the 3 times tables song:


English – click on the link to BBC Bitesize page and complete the lesson on writing a diary entry:


RE – read/watch of some of the stories we have looked at from the Old Testament to help you answer the question: ‘What do these stories tell us about the faith in God of the people involved?’:

We are looking forward to celebrating Book Week and Science Week in School during March!