Week Beginning: Monday 7th December 2020

Please complete the following activities if you are at home and unable to come to school this week. 


In English we will be watching the 'Moz the Monster' Christmas advert and completing activities linked to it. We will be creating our own monsters, describing Moz and thinking of a Christmas gift for him. You can watch the advert here


In Maths we will continue to learn about division. Please watch the following videos and complete the activities. 


In Science we will continue to look at materials. We will be collecting items from around the classroom and seeing if we can change the shape and how easy or difficult it is. 


In RE we will be creating our own Nativity pictures using chalk and focusing on the importance of light in the pictures we create. See if you can make a picture of your own. 

For further information about our new Nursery Provision from September 2022, please see the section on 'Joining in Nursery'. Please call the School Office (020 8894 4777) for tours of our Nursery on Tuesday or Thursday mornings.