Week Beginning: Monday 6th December 2021


We will be recapping on the sounds learnt this half term. Please look at previous weeks home learning to recap on these sounds. 

Phonics Activities

As we are recapping on the sounds from this half term, please select activities from previous home learning weeks. 


This week we will be reading Superkid by Claire Freedman. If you do not have access to a copy you can watch this link: Superkid STORY BOOK - YouTube


Lesson 1 - Create your own Superkid

Lesson 2 - Write a description of your Superkid 


We have been learning about The Nativity Story. Each week we have looked at a different person from the story and discuss why they are important. This week we will be looking at the shepherds. Please discuss what they do in The Nativity and why they are important. Click this link for a recap on The Nativity story: Nativity Story - CBeebies - BBC. Please complete the activity below.


If you have access to AmazonPrime, you can also watch 'On Angel Wings' based on the story by Michael Monpurgo.