Friday 28th January 2022

Year 1 Weekly Information Letter

Friday 28th January 2022

Dear Parents and Carers,


This week the children have enjoyed immersing themselves in the world of Traditional Tales. The have loved sharing their stories with the class. We were so impressed with the children’s paper weaving to create lanterns to celebrate Chinese New Year.


Please find some information to help support your child over the next week.



We will be continuing to look at Traditional Tales next week. “The Clock Tower” which is a short animated film will be our focus. The children will be learning about nouns and adjectives. They will be using noun phrases to make their writing more exciting.



The children will be furthering their understanding of weaving, using looms and wool to create a weave which they will be able to take home.



Continuing with Judaism, the children will be learning about Shabbat next week.



The children will be learning how to use their myuso logins in school to access learning programs independently.



Next week we will be adding using number bonds. Please use the game below to help your child secure a quick recall of addition facts.



Thank you for your ongoing support.


Miss S Nichols

Mr R Bowie


Mrs T Hitchcock