w/c 1st Mar

Dear Year 5 children and parents, 


We are nearly there; the end of home learning is in sight. You have just one more week of this home learning and then we will all be back in school! We don’t know about you, but we are incredibly excited to welcome you back next week and are so proud of all your achievements during your time at home. You've got this year 5, make next week your best week ever! Our advice would be to get into a good routine next week, so the following week isn't too much of a shock to the system!


Art Activity

If you have not already done so, please return your square fabric portraits to school, in box provided outside the gates by Monday morning at the latest. These will be put together to create an installation of the children's artwork to welcome them back next week. 


9am week day registrations

We will continue our 9am registrations on Teams this week. Please try to be prompt in attendance and ready for the school day ahead for these short morning sessions– they are an opportunity for us to share announcements and reminders, answer any questions about the day ahead and they give you the daily opportunity to see their peers.


Yr5 after school club - Monday's on Teams - 15:45 to 16:45

This week, we will be having our final Year 5 virtual after school club - all year 5 children are welcome. You will need paper and something to write with. To join the group, children will need to go into the team titled ‘Year 5’, NOT their class team (5M/5G) and join the same way they would join in the morning for registration by clicking ‘join'.


Collaborative Art Project

As part of this week’s Art lesson children will each be sent a section of a piece of art work (the tree of life) to collage / paint / colour. Miss Gould will be sending children their section over the weekend via Teams. Next week children will bring into school their section so that they can be put together to create a whole class Art piece, which will be shared with you all once completed via the school website.


Small group meetings

This week's small group meetings will continue at the same times.  Full details below:


Monday 22nd Feb:

5M Andromeda 10.00

5G Superstars 11.00

Tuesday 23rd Feb:

5M Orion 10.00

5G Genius Gems 14.00

Wednesday 24th Feb:

5M Pegasus 10.00

5G Clever Cookies 11.00

Thursday 25th Feb:

5G Masterminds 10.00

Friday 26th Feb:

5M Cygnus 10.00


Reminder: Getting support online

We would like to remind all children and parents that a Year 5 class teacher is available to help with any questions or problems through the messaging service on Teams. Children can add a question to their class's main conversation or if they prefer, send a message directly to their teacher using the 'chat' tab on the left-hand side of Teams. If you do need teacher support with a question or are unsure of a task, please move on to the next task if you don’t get an immediate response, as we will get back to you as soon as we are available. As a footnote to this, please remember to watch the various videos (e.g. Maths) and read through provided PowerPoints and PDFs before beginning a task. You are much more likely to understand what to do, enjoy the task and produce accurate work if you do so!


We hope that you all have a great final week of home learning, any questions please contact us via the Y5 group email:


Best wishes,


The Y5 Team

Timetable WC 01.03.2021

Tours of the school for Reception and Nursery admission in 2024 are available in January 2024. Please call the School Office (020 8894 4777) for date information and to book a place.