Week 6- 060720

Dear Parents and Carers,


Please look out this week for a special message from your teachers in your J2E Shared files!



This week we will be focusing on descriptive writing.



This week, there is 1 PowerPoint for the 4 lessons. Each lesson starts with a video. The PDFs for each day are the same as the Powerpoints, but a more printer friendly version if you are choosing to print the work out. (Remember, the lessons could be completed directly into the Powerpoint, on paper or whiteboards instead of printing out).



Continuing the learning about Hinduism. The next 2 weeks focus on Festivals. This week we look at Raksha Bandhan.



Building on last week’s knowledge of ‘Search engines’ to find out the meaning of some words related to our ‘Global Garden’ text. This lesson ties in with our learning about being a critical digital citizen. 


Please do continue to upload the work as it gives us an opportunity to see how the children are progressing. 


Thank you,

Mr Kent, Mrs Tranter and the Year 3 Team