Your child should complete these lessons below, if they are isolating but are not feeling ill. 


As well as the lessons, children should continue to: 


  • Read for 20 minutes a day. 
  • If your child has access to the Nessy spelling scheme, they should complete this 3 times a week. 
  • Daily revision of Y3 and 4 words (see spelling folder or home-school book.)




A Christmas Carol- Descriptive Writing 


Lesson 1: 

Complete the Oak Academy Lesson 1-

To analyse a visual clip


Lesson 2: 

Complete the Oak Academy Lesson 3- 

To develop our understanding of simple, compound and complex sentences


Lesson 3: 

Complete the Oak Academy Lesson 4- 

To generate vocabulary to describe the setting


Lesson 4: 

Complete the Oak Academy Lesson 5- 

To develop a rich understanding of words associated with anger


Lesson 5: 

Complete the Oak Academy Lesson 6-



Complete the White Rose Videos and worksheets below



Lesson 1: Evaporation and condensation 


Complete the activities:


Lesson 2: Water Cycle


Create a water cycle bag to hang on your window at home- what do you notice happens? 

We are looking forward to celebrating Book Week and Science Week in School during March!