Friday 18th June 2021

Weekly Parent Letter – Year 2

Friday 18th June 2021


Dear Parents,

Thank you for all of the adorable baby pictures, it was fun to see how much the children have changed. We have put these on display in our classrooms and will be returned to you in a few weeks.



In preparation for Sports Week next week we would like the children to think of 3 short warm up exercises to perform. We will use these in class throughout the week to help us prepare for our activities. If you would like to please film/record your child completing the activities and upload it onto MyUSO. In the same way you did for home learning during lockdown. 



  • Please wear PE kit to school every day next week.
  • We will be taking part in a sporting activity every day next week. Some of these will take place outside. It is expected to rain some days so please ensure your child has a rain coat with them.
  • On warm/hot days please ensure your child has sun cream on before school and brings a hat and water bottle with them.
  • Tuesday 22nd June is our final swimming lesson.


Many thanks,

Miss Nichols, Mrs Patterson and Mrs Renahan