Home Learning

Week beginning 6th July


Dear Year 5 parents/carers,


Welcome to week 13 of Home Learning! Although traditionally 13 is unlucky, this time round it is cause for celebration – it will be the last full-time home learning week. A massive thank you to all for keeping the home learning going for so long, and to such a high standard; we are looking forward to hearing all about the triumphs and achievements of these past weeks when your children come back.



Maths – We are now up to date with White Rose and are on week 11 on their website as angles will be revised in school at a later date. Your child(ren) may need a mirror to complete the tasks involving reflection, please let us know if you do not have one at home and we will do our best to provide one.

Computing – This task does not require a screen, although your child(ren) may need access to one to view the video links.

SPaG – A thesaurus will be needed for this week’s tasks. Ideally, we would like your child(ren) to use a hard copy, however, online versions such as and (select synonyms) are also acceptable.

Art – As with last week’s task, please check the PowerPoint for any resources you may require. The activity does not have to be done at the suggested time in the timetable and can be attempted at any time to suit your family’s situation.


Learning for w/c 6th July

The Week 13 timetable, PowerPoints and PDFs can be found in the ‘Week 13 Resources’ section on the Year 5 Home Learning page. These should help guide you and your child(ren) with the learning objectives and tasks. As always, the timetable and timings are suggestions only; all learning can be fitted about what is best for your child(ren) and your family.


Marking and feedback

This week please upload evidence of:

- Completed English task – Lesson 1 Activity: National Writing Day Challenge

- One self-assessed piece of maths

- One completed piece of artwork


As mentioned in previous weekly letters, and in our letters to the children, shared through J2E, we are only asking you to complete what you feel able to – please do not worry if you can’t complete everything. If you are struggling to find art resources please let us know through the usual channels and we will be able to point you towards supplies.


We wish you a successful final full week of home learning and ask that you check this page again next Friday to find information regarding arrangements for school/home learning in the week beginning 13th July.


The Year 5 team

*The current weekly letter can be found above. Previous weekly letters can now be found on the relevant resources page.*


Hello Year 5! Welcome to your Home Learning page!


Here you will find the activity sheets for some of the tasks on your work logs that were sent home.


Make sure you check this page regularly as there will be a new letter and activities added every week. There are also lots of useful links for your learning in the resources section on MyUSO - be sure to check them out.


Happy learning smiley


The Year 5 team

Online Safety

Due to the nature of home learning, your child(ren) may be spending more time using internet-connected devices. This is likely to mean that there will be times when you are unable to supervise them. If you would like some support and advice on how to keep your child(ren) safe online, there are a number of resources in the Online Safety section of the school website. The link below will take you directly to this page.


Please remember that you can access a wide range of resources on to help you with your learning.

The school login details for Espresso are 

Username: student22947

Password: acps1842


As an additional online tool to help with home PE, we have been granted home access to the 5-a-day dance website; you can access this through MyUSO.

The school login details for 5-a-day are

Username: 5-a-dayAtHome

Password: AtHome123
Please note that this log in is for Archdeacon children/ families only.

Welcome back to a new half term. We challenge you to take part in the 30 Days Wild Challenge! For more information head to