w/c 9th Nov

Dear Year 5 ,


Below is a summary of this week's learning and suggested activities if you are unable to attend school this week.



    We are beginning a new unit in Maths this week, focusing on Multiplication and Division. This week, the focus will be on identifying multiples and factors of numbers, and beginning to understand prime numbers.

Watch the following guides on factors, multiples and primes:

Now, use the following link to find out more about multiples and factors and then complete the activities:

Use the following link to find out more about prime numbers and complete the activities:


     In English, we will be finishing our Newspaper reports. Watch and read the following guides on what to include in a newspaper report and have a go at the various activities.

    We have also been learning how to use a relative clause in a sentence. Watch the following link for more information:

Later in the week we will be beginning a new text and practising our reading comprehension skills. Watch the following video to learn about inference and improve your comprehension skills by having a go at the task on the second link based on an extract from the text, 'Tell Me No Lies' by Malorie Blackman: and


      In RE we are starting a new topic on Christianity, considering how Christian qualities support fame. Initially we will be thinking about the qualities and values of a Christian. Watch the following videos and then make your own list about what makes a good Christian. and


Best Wishes,

The Year 5 team