Dig Day Success

Saturday brought us glorious sunshine and an army of parents and children ready to tackle some extremely challenging projects. Thanks to everyone's collaboration and determination, we were able to:

  • allow the pond to breathe again by making 'blanket weed lollipops'
  • demarcate most flower beds using branches from the fallen tree
  • create an observation wall for the minibeast area in the Nursery and Reception outdoor area
  • build raised beds for the children's allotment
  • repair the water feature in the Nursery and Reception outdoor area
  • complete the next stage on the log trail
  • dismantle and reconstruct one of the compost bins
  • replant some of the flower beds
  • tackle the dreaded bindweed
  • tidy the Wildlife Area and Nursery and Reception outdoor area


We'd like to say an enormous 'Thank you' to all who volunteered their time and energy, especially Mr Franco, Mr Hamerton, Mr Panter and Mr Vonk, who supported their spouses who work at the school by volunteering.