Week beginning 01.02.21

Dear Parents and Carers,


We’re coming to the end of two weeks work around monsters. All children, at home and at school, have created some wonderful models, drawings and writing.

In the coming fortnight we will be focusing on stories set in China and Chinese celebrations. Our book for the coming week is The Magic Paintbrush by Julia Donaldson, a traditional Chinese folk tale.


The new graphemes that will be introduced this week are:






or as in horn

ur as in fur

ow as in cow

oi as in soil




This week the children will be learning about height, length and the days of the week. There will be a focus on descriptive and comparative language (tall, taller, short, shorter, long, longer etc).


For handwriting, we are continuing with the ‘one armed robot’ letter family. For these letters, the children need to start at the top, go down and retrace upwards, before continuing with the shape of the letter.

h b k

It is really important that children follow the arrows to form these letters in the correct way and establish good habits.


Bug Club

We continue to get very positive feedback from parents and children about Bug Club. If you haven’t tried it yet we think it is worth giving a go. The books are matched to the reading level of each child and there are virtual coins to collect to exchange for rewards. Make sure your child clicks on the bug and answers the question to earn coins. Please let us know if your child is running out of online books or if you think they are at the wrong level.

On the website there is a new folder next to the Home Learning folder called ‘Resources to help your child at home’. There you can find a Phonics mat to help your child select the correct grapheme for the sounds identified in words. You can also use this mat to play ‘sounds bingo’. There is also a set of Phonics phase 2 and 3 flashcards. Additionally, there are some number lines to 10 and 20, and a blank one for your child to fill in their own numbers, as well as a picture of ‘the one-armed robot’ to help children visualise the starting formation of this week’s letter family.


Home Learning

Thank you for the feedback included in the parent questionnaire. We are pleased to hear that the majority of responses indicated that the level of work we are setting is appropriate and the amount is just right. If you feel that there is too much work set for your child to complete each day we encourage you to focus on Phonics and Maths and then select any activities you think your child will enjoy. Reception children need a balance of guided learning and child-led activities. Playing is important as it supports other areas of learning, (problem-solving, independence, creativity, fine and gross motor skills) and supports physical and mental health. We are also providing ‘challenge’ activities for Phonics and Maths so you can select the most appropriate task for your child.

We are very pleased with the work that children are doing at home and the observations we are seeing. The most useful observations are those which tell us the amount support given by an adult or if the work was completed without help.

The Teams group meetings will be at the same times we had them last week. We will be playing a guessing game and a putting a paper resource in reading books which will be needed for the sessions this week. These will also be available on Tapestry.

The purpose of this game is to encourage group interaction, so children talk to each other during the group chat. To prepare for this game it might be a good idea to play the game with your child before the sessions so they know which questions to ask.






RF: 1.00pm





RM: 1.30pm






If your child needs support with their home learning, please give us a call at these times: 9.30am to 10.30am and 2.00pm and 3.00pm. We will be happy to support their learning or give parental support on how to approach an activity.

If you want to reach us via Teams, please use the Reception group, rather than contacting the teachers directly. This will ensure that one member of the team will be able to answer your query promptly.

Please remember to drop off reading books on Friday between 9.00am and 9.30am at the front of the school. If you cannot make this time, please drop them off at the office entrance in the box on the bench.  Make sure the books are labelled with your child’s name.

Next week, please continue to work through the Home Learning Ideas – Week 5.

The links to the DfE Phonics lessons will be uploaded daily on the timetable once they become available.


Thank you for your continued support,


Reception Team

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