w/c 09/11/20

In maths, we are recapping on equivalent fractions and how to simplify fractions. We will also be learning how to convert between improper fractions and mixed numbers. Use the White Rose videos on the link below to help you;


In English, we are looking at Charles Darwin’s early life in order to write a biography about him as a child and adolescent, before his voyage on the HMS Beagle. Information about Charles Darwin can be found below;



For a recap on how to write a biography, please follow the link below;



In RE we are exploring the question, 'How has the Christian message survived for over 2000 years?' We have focused on the spreading of the message by the apostles, in particular St. Paul and his letters. More information about St. Paul can be found by following the link below;

For details of School Tours in October for Reception and Nursery 2023 entry, please call the school on 020 8894 4777.