W/C 05/01/21

Hello Year 6 children and parents,


Happy New Year and welcome to spring term 1, 2021! We hope you had a restful and enjoyable Christmas break; thank you again for our Christmas cards, very generous gift vouchers and the many other presents. laugh


Unfortunately, due to the current situation we are unable to teach whole classes safely and so we start the term online. As previously, work will be provided on the website and children will be expected to upload certain pieces to J2e (as they did in year 5). Again, the timetable below is for guidance as we appreciate that not all children will be able to access a computer at specific times during the day; as with last year, tailor the learning to best suit your situation. Any worksheets or PowerPoints (PPT) required for the day can be found by clicking on the corresponding subpage underneath.


To offer as much guidance and support as possible, we have added live online support; a year 6 member of staff will be available to help using Microsoft Teams. Please check the timetable for these slots. As always, you are also welcome to contact us through J2e conversation bubbles, J2e message or via the year 6 email address if you have any queries or issues. For more information please follow this link to our Remote Learning Policy: remote-learning-policy-2020.pdf ( 


Wishing you a happy and healthy start to the year and we look forward to seeing you all in person soon,


Year 6 Team


Welcome to the Autumn Term 2022. For details of School Tours in October for Reception and Nursery 2023 entry, please call the school on 020 8894 4777.