W/C 01/03/21



Dear Year 6,


Welcome to your last week of home schooling this year (fingers crossed!).


Things to think about this week:


  • World Book Day is on Thursday 4th March. Since most of you will not be in school next week, we are planning a dressing up Book Day later in the school year when we are all back. In your group meetings, bring along a favourite book to show and talk about. This can be one you have read recently, or from when you were younger.

    We will be creating a paper chain of all the books the children in school and at home read next week (1st-7th March). We would like you to write your name, class and the title of the books you have read on strips of paper. Bug Club books are also included. If it is a long book, you don’t have to have read all of it! There is a template for the strips below, or just use your own strip of paper of the same size. Bring your slips of paper into school when you come back on the 8th March. We will make the strips into a paper chain and put it up at school to see if we can travel the length of the building with all the book titles Archdeacon children have read.


You will be given your World Book Day vouchers on March 8th. Large supermarkets, W.H. Smith etc. will be stocking the special books you can get free with your voucher, or use it for £1 off another book.


  • Year 6 Cycling Proficiency, March 2021. We are really pleased that we have been able to reschedule the postponed Year 6 Cycling Proficiency. Please note the following dates: 6B—Week commencing 8th March. 6T—Week commencing 22nd March Letters and permission slips will be sent via Parentmail to Year 6 parents. Permission slips should be printed off, signed and returned to the collection box by the Large Hall gate. There will be some hard copies available at the collection box next week.
  • CGP Papers this week. Please complete Set B – Paper 1 - Maths this week for homework.
  • This week, please upload as a minimum, your R.E. (upload on Monday please), two pieces of marked maths, one piece of English and Book Day quiz answers. However, please make sure all work you don’t upload is completed too and kept safely and organised into subjects, to bring back to school when we return.
  • Bug Club – Continue to use Bug Club. Find Bug Club on your resources on MyUSO. Use your Abacus login to access it. Select ‘My Stuff’ and you will see your books. Please click on the bugs and answer the questions as you read. Please let Mrs Taylor know on TEAMs if you need new books.
  • Nessy spelling (for some children) At least twice a week. Let us know if you have any problems.
  • Schofield and Sims Don’t forget to do a page. Mrs Taylor and Mr Bowen’s groups – could you send us a message on TEAMs with your book number and the page numbers of answers that you need.


Have a great week. We look forward to seeing you virtually and very soon - in real life!


Best wishes,


Mr Bowen, Mrs Taylor and Mrs Archibald

For details of School Tours in January 2023 for Nursery and Reception 2023 entry, please call the school on 020 8894 4777.