W/B 25/1/21

Dear Y4 Parents and Carers,

It has been great to see the children’s engagement this week with our new science topic and also writing their newspaper reports.  Thank you so much for all your continued support with your child’s home learning.

This week:

  • We have managed to have just one timetable for both classes.  As you will see the group sessions for each class are clearly listed at the bottom of the weekly timetable.  Please make sure your child knows when to log in for their group session.
  • The children will have time on Monday to type up their newspaper reports onto J2e for marking and feedback.  Please ensure that the children use the checklist from last week to self-assess their work.
  • We are starting a new topic - the history of Hampton Court Palace. To start this subject, we will first be thinking about the reign of Henry VII and compare him to his son, Henry VIII.
  • In science, we are exploring the digestive system and once again there is a hands on investigation for children to do. 
  • Our group sessions this week will be based on part 3 of The Tempest.  Prior to the session, your child will need to have listened to and read through the relevant pages on the PPT timetabled for Monday; we will then discuss any questions or thoughts they might have about this section of the story.  Your child will need a dictionary to look up any unfamiliar words.
  • In maths, we will be revising formal written methods for multiplying 2 digit by 1 digit and progressing onto 3 digit numbers by Wednesday. To consolidate the children’s understanding of this method, we will be asking them to self-assess on Thursday/Friday. We have uploaded two videos for children who feel they would like more practice with this method and challenges for children who would like to deepen their understanding.
  • New for this week: We would like to make Friday afternoon a no screen session.  If your child is stuck for ideas, we have suggested possible activities for them at the bottom of the weekly timetable.
  • As mentioned in the recent newsletter, in J2stars we have created a new Orange Ticket award.  These tickets will be drawn in school and Orange Ticket winners will be celebrated in the newsletter.
  • French and Music: remember to put your name on any uploaded work so when it is shared with Ms. Dallosso or Madame Capon they know whose work they are marking.
  • Bug Club:  if your child needs any additional filler activities we have assigned 2 books for the children to read, they can access this through their My USO and the ActiveLearn site.  As they read through the book they will see a bug sign  if they click on this there are questions to answer.  One of the books we have allocated is linked to our new history topic  - My Life as a Tudor School Boy.

We hope that you all have a good week, any questions please contact us via the Y4 group email:

Best wishes,

Y4 Team

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