W/B 22/2/21

Dear Y4 Families,

Welcome Back!  Fingers crossed, hopefully only 2 more weeks of home learning and then we will all be back.

We hope you had a restful and enjoyable half term.  It is great to see the warmer weather and signs of spring emerging.  We are looking forward to seeing the children’s smiling faces and catching up on what they have been doing over the half term break in our registration and group sessions.


Return to School Celebration!

We are very much looking forward to the children's return and to celebrate this, we will be putting together an installation of children's artwork to welcome them back. We would like children to draw a portrait of themselves on a piece of fabric provided by school.  This should be completed in pencil and a permanent marker used to go over the lines. The style is a simple line drawing similar to the 'art tea towels' previously done by year groups. We would ask children to write just their first name on the front of the artwork.   


 Coloured fabric can be collected from boxes outside the gates on Monday 22nd and Tuesday 23rd February. Each year group will have a particular colour; please ensure you take from the correct year group's box. We would ask for this to be dropped back into school via the provided box by Friday 26th February. 



As in previous weeks, please see the bottom of the timetable for when your child needs to be available on Teams for their group session.  In the group sessions this week, your child will be discussing key questions related to our RE Topic on Wisdom – see Monday’s PPT lesson for details.

This week:

  • We are consolidating our learning and understanding of formal methods for division.
  • We will finish looking at the reign of Henry VIII and the impact his rule had on the country and Hampton Court Palace.
  • We will be starting our computing topic on Coding.
  • As mentioned above, we will be thinking and reflecting on Wisdom and what it means to be wise.  On this week’s PPT there are lots of key questions and points for discussion around this topic, so any opportunities you have to discuss these issues as a family will help to consolidate your child’s understanding – thank you.


We hope that you all have a good week back. Any questions please contact us via the Y4 group email:


Best wishes,

Y4 Team


We currently have a small number of Nursery places available for September 2021. Please contact for further information.