Thursday 4/3/21

Largest Reading Paper Chain

As a school, can we create a paper chain long enough to start in Nursery and finish in Year 6? 


Every time you read a chapter of your reading book, make a chain with your name, book title and chapter number. Link your chain together and bring it into school for Monday 8th March. We will then put all the chains together and see how long our chain is. 



World Book Day Guess Who Challenge

We challenge you to create a video describing your favourite book character or author. You will need to give us clues as to who your character/person is and we will try and guess. The trickier the clues the better! You may dress up as your character or you might think about showing props. Once finished, there are instructions on the Y4 World Book Day Activities PDF to upload onto a padlet. We look forward to seeing your videos. 



We currently have a small number of Nursery places available for September 2021. Please contact for further information.