Summer term wk 5

!!UPDATE 1st JULY 2020!!


Dear Year 6 children and parents. 


The French PowerPoint below is for the attention of specific children who have been spoken to this week by Mdm Capon. If you have been asked to, please look through the PowerPoint and complete the task before the end of this week. As discussed with Mdm Capon, please remember to upload your work to J2E. Completing this task will work towards completing your SIlver Lingua. 



Mr Myers, Mrs Taylor and Mdm Capon

SIlver Lingua assessment for children spoken to in school this week by Mdm Capon

Week beginning 29th June


Dear Year 6,


Welcome to Summer Term 2, Week 5. This is your last week with some home learning (on Thursday and Friday). Will you miss it?! We are looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow – both 6M and 6T for three days at school. Please arrive at 8.30 am tomorrow, as usual . Wear your P.E. kit on Tuesday.


Please remember to bring back your maths text book, any core text books and any library or class book corner books that you still have at home. Also please check if you have any sports team kit to bring back.


Marking and feedback

This week, please make sure you upload evidence of the following:

- Friday’s First News English task (needed for an English lesson in the last week).

- One self-assessed piece of maths.

- One other completed task of your choice.



French Day is on Tuesday 7th July. You will be able to come to school in

French- themed mufti and you will need a French-themed packed lunch (baguette, brie etc.), so start planning. Ooh la la!!


If you have any questions regarding any activities, then please do not hesitate to contact us via J2E. Well done all home/school learners - keep up the good work!


Mrs Taylor, Mr Myers, Mrs Kelsted and Madame Capon

First News for Week 5

Welcome to the Autumn Term 2022. For details of School Tours in October for Reception and Nursery 2023 entry, please call the school on 020 8894 4777.