Summer term 2 wk 1

Dear Year 6


Welcome to Summer term 2, week 1; we hope you all had a lovely half-term break with your families and were able to enjoy some of the glorious sunshine.


We are very excited to be welcoming many of you back to school for at least part of the week! It is of course disappointing for children and teachers alike that we cannot be in our whole class groups, but we hope you will embrace the chance (from a safe two metres of course) to see half of your classmates and a familiar, friendly-faced staff member!

Together, we hope we can have a fun few weeks back in the classroom and will be working hard to mark the end of your time at Archdeacon appropriately. For those of you who will not be attending school, please follow your class’s timetable and activities as you have previously. We will, of course, be commenting on your work and chatting with you on J2E.


It is very important to note that we now have separate 6M and 6T timetables for this half term. This is because some activities are best completed in school. You will all be completing the same activities, regardless of class or class pod. However, 6M will be completing some tasks in school on a Monday and Tuesday that 6T will enjoy on a Thursday and Friday. Please ensure that you find the correct timetable, logs and Project and English powerpoints for your class. Maths does not change and all children will be sticking to the same timetable, completing the same tasks on the same day for their maths group. There is one minor change in that we are moving Schofield & Sims work to Wednesdays (a homeworking day for both classes.)



English – this half term, year 6 will focus on the core film text, ‘Whistle Down the Wind,’ directed by Bryan Forbes. If you are not attending school, we would encourage you to buy a dvd copy of this film or see if you can find it on a TV or Movie channel/subscription or YouTube. You will not be able to complete some of the English activities this half term without viewing the film. If you are attending school, then you will be able to view the film in school, and therefore do not have to find your own copy.


Learning for w/c 1st June

The Summer 2, week 1 timetable, PowerPoints and PDFs can be found below by clicking on the Summer term 2 Wk 1 star. These should help guide you with the learning objectives and tasks.



Children who are coming into school:

As per the letter emailed to parents this weekend, children in 6M will attend on Mondays and Tuesdays and children in 6T will attend on Thursdays and Fridays.

Year 6 children should enter the site using the swimming pool gate at the front of the school.  You should arrive at 8.30am and will be dismissed at 2.45pm. 


Personal Items

DO NOT bring your mobile phones into school

Please bring in ONLY:

  • You guided reading book (The Other Side of Truth 6T / The London Eye Mystery 6M)
  • Your packed lunch (lunch box/bag which can be washed daily in hot soapy water – no fabric lunch bags please)

Please do not bring in:

  • School bags/rucksacks
  • Home learning work folder and Maya posters (we did originally suggest you bring these in but rules and guidelines have suggested otherwise, for now. Please keep it safe at home.)
  • Abacus text books (You will continue to use these at home on the days you are not in school)
  • Schofield and Sims books.

We will provide a school library book for quiet reading time.

You should wear your school uniform on Mondays (6M) and Thursdays (6T) and your P.E. kit on Tuesdays (6M) and Fridays (6T).

Marking and feedback

Due to changes regarding in-school staffing and a heavier school-based workload this half term, we will not have the time to assess and feedback as thoroughly as in previous weeks.  Each week we will focus on 3 areas to assess, mark and respond to. This week, please upload evidence of the following:


- Your History timeline.

- One completed English task.

- One piece of self-assessed maths work.


If other pieces are uploaded, although we might have a chance to look at them, unfortunately we will not be able to comment on them via the speech bubbles. 


If you have any questions regarding any activities, then please do not hesitate to contact us on J2E. Thank you for your hard work so far - we are very proud of all of you and hope you can enjoy a memorable last half term at Archdeacon Cambridge's!

Best wishes


Mr Myers and Mrs Taylor

First News 29.5.20 - 4.6.20

Welcome to the Autumn Term 2022. For details of School Tours in October for Reception and Nursery 2023 entry, please call the school on 020 8894 4777.