Children at Archdeacon experience an exciting and engaging Science curriculum. Science topics are often linked to the Core Texts to give context and purpose to children’s scientific investigations. We know the importance of being good scientists and encourage our children to think and work scientifically, whilst learning the knowledge required for future learning.  Staff used planned and unplanned opportunities for children to develop their skills in order for them to answer their own questions and carry out investigations based on things that interest them about the world around us.


Science is celebrated in our school through exciting trips and visitors such as the ‘Urban Farm’ in Key Stage 1, and an annual Science Week during which Science takes centre stage in every class. We are lucky at Archdeacon to have our own Wildlife Area, providing an excellent resource for hands-on scientific exploration and learning.  We have recently purchased our own beehive, and are looking forward to the exciting learning opportunities that this will provide.


Living Eggs

Every year we are excited to welcome 10 eggs in an incubator.  Children and adults from Nursery to Year 6 are enthralled to watch the transition from egg to fluffy chick. This experience is used as a stimulus for learning about living things and life cycles.

Welcome to the Autumn Term 2020. Please note that physical tours of the school site for prospective Nursery and Reception parents will not take place this term. Virtual tours are under construction and further information about these will be available shortly.