Friday 8/1/21

Please see the timetable for work that needs to be uploaded to J2e. 



If you need online support with today's maths, a Y4 teacher will be on Microsoft Teams between 9:20- 10:25. 


Please Watch the WhiteRose video from 9:00-9:20 - 

Reading Comprehension 


See the photocopy collected from school. Please complete the pack labelled with today's date: 8/1/21



Prayers for the New Year- See PPT. Use resources collected from school.

Please save this to bring back into school for the class prayer area.



Some other PE ideas for this week:

Joe Wicks has a selection of videos for children on Youtube – discuss with your parents first.  Also you still have access to 5-a-day from home.

Login: 5-a-dayAtHome

Password: AtHome123


Answers: (To be uploaded Friday at 3:30)

Please call the School Office on 020 8894 4777 for details and booking of our November School Tours for one parent/carer of Nursery or Reception Children starting in September 2022.