Friday 29/1/21



Self-assess: How are you feeling with this week's maths topic? 

 If you would like more practice, please watch the lesson video and pause throughout. Complete the tasks on a plain piece of paper and upload your answers to the final slide to J2e. 

If you are feeling confident with this week's maths topic, please complete the

challenges below. 


Complete one activity on the BBC Bitesize website and then follow the activities on today's PPT,  in particular the activity related to Mr Culpeper's diary entry. 


No Screen Time Afternoon! 


Spend an afternoon without looking at a screen. No TVs, computers, phones or tablets. See the weekly timetable for activities you could do instead of looking at a screen! 


We would love to see pictures of your screen-free afternoon. 

We are looking forward to welcoming back all Archdeacon Cambridge's children to school on 8th March!