Please note that we are still in a national lockdown.

We are still required to follow the 'stay at home' rules. 

From 8th March 2021, we are allowed to do the following:


  • Spend time in outdoor public spaces for recreation on your own, with your household or support bubble, or with one other person. This means you can sit down for a drink or picnic. You must continue to maintain social distance from those outside your household. This is in addition to outdoor exercise, which is already permitted
  • Pupils and students in all schools and Further Education settings should return to face-to-face education
  • Wraparound childcare can reopen and other children’s activities can restart only where it is needed to enable parents to work, attend education, seek medical care or attend a support group. Vulnerable children can attend childcare and other children’s activities in all circumstances
  • Students on practical Higher Education courses at English universities who have not already returned and would be unable to complete their courses if they did not return to take part in practical teaching, access specialist facilities or complete assessments will be able to return
  • There will continue to be restrictions on international travel. Holidays will not be a permitted reason to travel
  • Those seeking to leave the UK must complete an outbound declaration of travel form ahead of departure
  • The rules on visiting care homes have changed to allow regular indoor visits for a single named visitor


Leaving home

You must not leave, or be outside of, your home except where necessary. Legally permitted reasons to leave home include to:

  • shop for basic necessities, for you or a vulnerable person
  • go to work, or provide voluntary or charitable services, if you cannot reasonably do so from home
  • exercise, or for outdoor recreation in a public outdoor space - this can be on your own, with your household or support bubble or with one other person (in which case you should stay 2m apart). You should minimise the amount of time spent outside your home, and you should not travel outside your local area.
  • meet your support bubble or childcare bubble where necessary, but only if you are legally permitted to form one
  • seek medical assistance or avoid injury, illness or risk of harm (including domestic abuse)
  • attend school or further education
  • attend university or other higher education - for those eligible
  • attend, or take a child to, childcare - for those eligible


If you do leave home for a permitted reason, you should always stay in your local area - unless it is necessary to go further, for example to go to work.

Staying in your local area means staying in the village, town, or part of the city where you live.


If you are clinically extremely vulnerable you are advised to go out only for medical appointments, for exercise, or if it is essential. We recommend that you do not attend work. You are advised to follow this guidance until 31 March 2021. 

Please see below for key documents from the school nursing service, Public Health England and the Department for Education

Welcome back for the start of the Summer Term 2021