Autumn 2021

Tuesday 7th September


Dear children working at home this week,


Please find some work to have a go at while isolating at home. Click on the stars below to get to the various documents for Maths, English, Science and Spelling. All Maths resources and links can be found by clicking the various links on the Maths timetable.


For English, read the two descriptions of space and underline/highlight different examples in each text of personification, onomatopoeia, alliteration, metaphors and similes. Use the following link to recap what these figurative language techniques are:

Main task: Challenge yourself to write your own space description using figurative language. Try to appeal to many of the reader's senses- describe what can be seen, heard, touched..


In Science, we are beginning our Earth and Space topic. Please complete the activity on finding out information about the Solar System. 


This week's spelling task is to learn the first group of Year 5 words (5A list) and we are also recapping our knowledge of the words learnt in year 3. Please revise these as you will be tested on them on your return to school. 


If you have a copy of our class text, Cosmic, or can find an online version, please read up to and including chapter 4. You may wish to try this link which offers 30 free days of reading:



For RE, we will be beginning our RE topic, 'What do Sikhs believe about God?'. This week we will be researching Sikh symbols. See what you can find out, using this link:


For Geography, record a spider diagram or mind map with information about the Arctic. What do you already know about the Arctic? Where is the Arctic region? How is it defined? You may wish to use the following link:


Good luck with everything- complete what you can and bring it into school when your return. 

Best wishes and we hope to see you back at school soon! 


Mr Myers

School Tour information for 2022 Reception and Nursery Admissions will be available from the school towards the end of September.