Archdeacon Cambridge's Church of England Primary School

What our Parents Say

Nursery has been fabulous.


Friendly, yet firm approach.


A loving, learning atmosphere.


Imaginative ways to get children to focus on the curriculum.


Strong values.


There is a sense of stability and structure.


There is a strong sense of community at the school.


The school teaches strong values such as kindness and empathy.


The supportive network between parents in great.


You only need to look at the children. They are happy, well behaved, kind to others and fully supported by their wonderful school.


My child has progressed so much, which is down to the dedication and professionalism of his teacher.


The school has successfully captured my daughter’s interest and maintained her engagement.


The school promotes Christian morals and helps children to understand the needs of others.


A teaching, nurturing environment.


The school gives our child a love for learning, a wide curriculum and care and compassion from all members of staff.


Teachers’ relationships with the children are good.


The school is a wonderful educational and social environment for our children.


The school thinks about the whole child.


The school staff set good ethical and moral standards.


Pastoral care is wonderful at the school.


My child enjoys school, is happy there and makes progress every day.


The school provides a well-rounded education.


The school offers a wide range of learning, not just academic.


The school encourages independence.


Archdeacon provides a solid foundation for learning.


The many and varied information evenings throughout the key stages are a strength.


All children are included in assemblies, giving them an opportunity to perform and confidence in front of an audience.


The school communicates a consistent message on how to live and behave.


The school offers a wonderful sense of community.


November 2018
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